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  1. How much do tickets and boards cost?
  2. How many cards do I have to buy for each game?
  3. Is there a minimum amount I have to deposit?
  4. Can I buy cards in advance? If so how?
  5. Can I keep the same cards from game to game?
  6. Is there always a winner?
  7. How do I get paid if I win?
  8. How much can I win?
  9. What happens if there is a tie?
  10. Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?
  11. Can I keep my winnings with the cashier?
  12. What are JACKPOT games?
  13. If I join a game in progress do I have less of a chance of winning?
  14. How do I know that the game is not fixed?
  15. Why do I see patterns in the way that bingo calls balls?
  16. How do I know that my credit card number is secure?
  17. My Security Duties
  18. When I log in can I remain anonymous?
  19. If my connection fails for whatever reason am I kicked out of the game me?
  20. How old do I have to be to play?
  21. What are the chat rules?


1) How much do cards cost?

That depends very much on the type of game you wish to play:

There are 2 types of games available and a number of different packages available.

90 Number Book Bingo Games

A book for a session can be bought, a book consists of 6 strips and costs £3.00 for the first book and £2.50 for additional books.
Tickets can be bought game by game. Tickets Costs are as below
Single Ticket 10pence Two Tickets 20 pence
Three Tickets 30pence Four Tickets 40 pence
Six Tickets (Strip) 50 pence 2 Strips £1.00
3 Strips £1.50 4 Strips £2.00


80 Number Cash Bingo Games

1 Board £0.25 2 Boards £0.50
3 Boards £0.75 4 Boards  
12 Boards   20 Boards  

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2) How many tickets or boards do I have to buy for each game?

You can buy any number of cards for each game up to a limit of 60 tickets (10 strips) per 90 Number Book Bingo game and 100 Boards for the 80 Number Cash Bingo Game.

Remember the more tickets you buy the higher your chances of winning. If you play in "auto-play" mode, you can see when a ball is called that you have on your card(s) and your computer will be able to mark it off for you so you really can play as many cards as you wish. There is also the function of "Best Order", so if you are playing more than 6 cards, you can see the cards that are winning in the fastest time!!

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3) Is there a minimum amount I have to deposit?

The minimum deposit accepted is £10 or E15.

On the game client you will see your balance held with our cashier in real time so that you know at any time exactly what your balance is.

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4) Can I buy cards in advance?

You can buy books of 90 number bingo in advance of the session start.

Click on the BUY NEXT SESSION button, select the start time of the session and how many books you wish to buy and click OK, you will be prompted to confirm your selection and confirm the cost, if you confirm the details your purchase will be complete.

5) Can I keep the same cards from game to game?

You can select your own numbers for up to 10 boards for our 80 Number Cash Bingo Game, these will form a board and be saved under your profile, every time you buy boards you will play your own boards.

You can not play the same books for our 90 number book bingo game.

6) Is there always a winner?

The simple answer is "YES". All games must have a winner and are played to the conclusion of the game. The winner will win the prize that is shown in real time on the game console screen.

The winner's ID is broadcast to all players that logged on to our server. This confirms that the game has ended and that there is a winner from the game.

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7) How do I get paid if I win?

a) All winnings are automatically added to your account at the end of each game.

b) Click on the Cashout link on the website to request a cash-out.

8) How much can I win?

We will never set a ceiling on how much can be won in any game. It all depends on the number of players and how many cards they have purchased. Remember, tell all of your friends about us and together we will create bigger and bigger prizes. The team asks that if you have any ideas or any requests, that you e-mail us with your suggestions, and we guarantee that every e-mail you send will be personally answered.

9) What happens if there is more than one winner?

In the event that there is more than one winner of a game, the server will split the winning jackpot proportionally to the number of winning cards that each winner has (if a customer has 2 winning cards and another one has 1 the jackpot will be split giving 2/3rds of the jackpot to one customer and 1/3 to the other one) and credit the winnings amount to the players account.

10) Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?

The site is under no authority to report any amount that any player should win. As such we recommend that you consult with either an accountant or your local tax office to confirm the tax position on your win.

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11) Can I keep my winnings with the cashier?

Yes you can. You can deposit (or keep winnings of) any amount you wish with the cashier, who will hold your funds in a client account for you. You can request these funds at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to play.

If you require any further information on your account or any information on our banking arrangements, just contact Support which is available to handle all of your questions.

12) What are Jackpot Games?

Jackpot Games are games that offer a Jackpot prize if a winning condition is met by a player. We offer a progressive Jackpot on every 90 Number Game for a full house in 50 or less calls.

13) If I join a game in progress do I have less of a chance of winning?

The odds of winning a game are not diminished if you enter the game after it has already started. The game does not let you fall behind, regardless of when you enter a game, because your tickets or boards are tracked by our database. When you enter the game through our "Autoplay" option your card will be automatically inked and you catch up with every other player. You are instantly in the game on an equal basis with everyone else playing that game.

Unlike other games on the Internet, we make sure that all players have the same advantage, which is why we have a cut off point of 5 calls for our 80 Number Game and 10 Calls for our 90 Number Game. A lot of players like to play in Manual mode. To catch up on a quick game after 15 calls, the player is at an unfair advantage when balls are being called every 5 seconds. With a lot of cards, it is very unlikely that the player will ever catch up.

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14) How do I know the game is not fixed?

All of our software has been third party audited to confirm that the game is fair and true. All of our cards and bingo calls come from a true random number generator, which has been independently audited. The site welcomes any of its players to have our software audited for fairness by any reputable third party if they desire.

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15) Why do I see patterns in the way that bingo calls balls?

All games that we operate are run on a true and fair basis. This means that the software randomly generates every card and every bingo call.

Any patterns that you may see occur are random and we can not, nor would we want to be able to, control the way that our bingo calls are made.

16) How do I know that my credit card number is secure?

The site operates all of its transaction software in a Secure Socket Layer environment. This means that all information sent to this site, if in an SSL session, is encrypted and protected against disclosure to third parties.

The site uses a non US bank that is able to use the latest encryption methods to protect your credit card number from hackers to ensure maximum security at all times.

17) My Security Duties?

We will prosecute anyone who attempts to fraudulently use someone else's credit or debit card to play.

When registering with the site, you agree to comply with the Rules and Security procedures mentioned.

You must keep your User Name and Password secure and secret at all times, and take steps to prevent unauthorized use of it. For example:

  • Never write or otherwise record your User and Password in a way that can be understood by someone else;
  • Never tell your User Name and Password to someone else, including your family or our staff;
  • Destroy your registration email promptly after receipt;
  • Never record your User Name and Password on any software which retains it automatically;

Once you have logged onto the site, you must not at anytime leave the Internet terminal from which you have accessed the website or let anyone else use the terminal until you have logged off of the site. You are responsible for ensuring that you have logged off at the end of any session.

You must tell us immediately of any unauthorized access to your account or any unauthorized transaction or if you suspect that someone else knows your User Name and Password.

You agree to check carefully your records of transactions and inform us immediately of any discrepancies.

We take the security of our game, website and accounts extremely seriously.

The most common unauthorized use of cards on the Internet is by children who use their parent's cards without permission. We advise that you keep your cards under lock and key at home, and never give the opportunity to someone to attempt to use your cards without your permission.

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18) When I log in, can I remain anonymous?

When you register with us, we ask you for your correct name and address, but ask that you choose your own Player ID. This can be anything you wish. Your Player ID is the only identification that any other player will see. When you win a game it is broadcast to all players who are logged on.

We value your support and strive to improve our game all the time for two reasons:

  1. To increase the prizes for you to win more.
  2. To improve the player experience by modifying our software regularly.

We run a very stringent privacy policy. We feel privileged that you have joined us, and as such, the information you supply us with is treated as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

19) If my connection fails, am I kicked out of the game?

We considered this particular point for a long time when designing its software. It came to the decision to let its database track every individually randomly generated BINGO card. As such, if your connection fails or through your own action you log out during a game, if your card is a winning card, you will still win!

The same principle allows our players to buy BINGO CARDS in advance for any game and to play offline.

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20) How old do I have to be to play?

Players have to be a minimum of 18 years of age to play.

We discourage any minor from playing any of its games and will always attempt to prevent minors from doing so.

Likewise we discourage players from playing bingo on the Internet in any country or state where it is illegal to participate in Internet gaming.

However, as much as we disagree with lawmakers around the world who are attempting to prohibit gaming on the Internet. We abide by the laws of every nation and discourage any resident of any nation whose law prohibits the playing of bingo for money on the Internet from doing so.

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21) What are the chat rules?

So customers feel comfortable at all times, we do ask our players to follow OUR simple chat rules. Please click here to view the list of rules.

If you require any further information, our Support Department is available to handle all of your questions.

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